Get ready for a “super, duper, ooper, schmooper” fun time! The popular PBS KIDS television series from The Jim Henson Company, “Sid the Science Kid” comes to life on stage in this thrilling live musical experience!  Your favorite friends Sid, May, Gabriela, Gerald and Teacher Susie - brought to life by the amazing artists of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ - take kids on a musical, action-packed adventure full of comedy, music and discovery.   The audience feels like a part of the show with lots of interactive games, sing-along songs and so much more. Your little scientist will learn how to explore our great, big, wonderful world through the amazing five senses, and will even learn about a surprise sixth sense, all while playing along with everyone’s best friend Sid!

In this fun and memorable live performance filled with musical numbers you love from the hit series and of course lots of laughter, Sid the Science Kid LIVE: Let's Play! will have scientists of all ages singing, dancing and cheering along in this theater experience the whole family will love.




As the star of our show, Sid does two things that make him the perfect scientist... he observes the world around him, and he asks LOTS of questions. And like a budding comedian, Sid's observations and questions are FUNNY (in a preschool kind of way).



Gabriela doesn't walk into a room, she makes an entrance. With her hand dramatically gesturing into the air, she'll happily announce her arrival, "Gabriela is here!" And don't let the puffy pink tutu she wears over jeans fool you... she's no girlie girl. In fact, she's an athletic, rough and tumble aspiring "rock star scientist" (whatever that is).



When everyone else walks across the room, Gerald pretends to be a bulldozer and "vroom vrooms" somersaulting over the floor. The perfect run-on sentence to describe Gerald would be: "Total instant gratification - boundless boy energy - raises his hand on every question even if he doesn't know the answer - gotta do it right now!"



She's a very sweet, empathetic kid, with a wonderful imagination. This gives her the ability to come up with the alternative, or unexpected answer. When everyone is furiously digging into the sand, getting frustrated that they can't sculpt it into the shape of a horse, it's May who calmly offers, "Try mixing in some water, that might help."


Miss Susie

Could she be the best preschool teacher ever? Yes! She makes science FUN! She's warm, and fun, and playful. She's also patient and very smart. Susie is our ultimate source of science knowledge, gives science definitions, explains "the science" of the episode, and helps us perform actual experiments.



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